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TRUSTe online privacy certification

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ISO 27001:2005
Use Certificate ID: GB05/66853

ISO 27001:2005 is an information Security certification. Information security defines information as an asset, which adds value to an organisation consequently needs to be suitably protected.

Information security protects information from a wide range of threats in order to ensure business continuity, minimise business damage and maximise return on investments and business opportunities.

Information security is achieved by implementing a suitable set of controls, which could be policies, practices, procedures, organizational structures and software functions. These controls need to be established to ensure the specific security objectives of the organization are met.

TRUSTe online privacy certification

TRUSTe helps consumers and businesses identify trustworthy online organisations through its web privacy seal, email privacy seal and trusted download programs. Having acquired the TRUSTe privacy seal, TRUSTe recognises that 2sms are compliant in doing the right thing in online privacy.

Microsoft Gold Certified partner

Gold Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft Gold Certified Partners are recognized after undergoing a comprehensive examination and analysis by Microsoft to ensure that they are delivering technology and service on par with Microsoft's stringent benchmarks.

IBM Server Proven

IBM Server Proven helps you easily identify a business application that has been validated on IBM systems. Solutions that are server proven represent applications that have been verified through a customer experience to be installed and running in a customer location.

When you see the Server Proven emblem you know that real life solution installation examples have been validated to help promote confidence in selecting Server Proven software applications to run on IBM Systems.

An Extended Validation SSL Certificate gives high-security Web browsers information to clearly identify a Web site’s organisational identity. Web browsers that were developed to recognise EV SSL Certificates are considered high-security browsers. Digicert certification helps customers to complete secure transactions with confidence, knowing that their information is encrypted.

The ‘green bar’ in IE7 proves that you can interact with 2sms.com online with confidence.

Green Certified CO2Stats allow visitors to monitor website energy usage. The certification verifies that the website is carbon neutral and energy-efficient. It also confirms that organisations have taken steps to make their site environmentally friendly.

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